A bad photo of your horse can have potential buyers scroll right on by. Take your time and, if possible, hire a professional photographer to take high quality photos of your horse before you post your sale ad. Here are 8 tips to get you on your way to capturing attention grabbing sales photos to get your horse sold:

📸 The Time of Day
Different hours = different lighting. Avoid taking outdoor shots midday – the sun tends to cast long shadows on your horse making their features harder to distinguish.

📸 Neat & Tidy
Clean, clipped and classy. Good grooming should be a priority on photo day – a dirty sock will be very obvious in a high resolution photo.

📸 Frame View
Make sure your horse is the main focal point of the shot – ideally taking up at least 50% of the photo. 

📸 Conformation Shot
Start with these shots – you want your horse to look as relaxed as possible. Avoid taking these photos right after working your horse.

📸 Background
Keep it simple – you want your horse to be the focal point for those scrolling through your sales ad. Don’t let anything in the background over power your horse.

📸 Ears up! 
Keep some props handy to convince your horse to put their ears forward. A good trick for this is searching YouTube for horse nickers and playing them on your phone.

📸 Avoid Zoom
Use your body to get closer instead of using your camera’s zoom. As soon as you start zooming in the quality of the photo goes down.

📸 Keep Clicking
Take more photos than you need and then take some more. Nearly every photo you take will have something wrong with it – the more options you have – the better chance of having a few flawless photos.

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