5 Benefits of Using Google Analytics

Benefits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a FREE tool offered by Google. If you have a website but aren’t using Google Analytics, you are missing out on volumes of valuable data about your website and the users that are visiting it. On its own Google Analytics is worth its weight in gold, but it can become an invaluable tool when  you start to use it in conjunction with other tools such as Google Adwords and SEO. 

Some of the BIGGEST benefits of using Google Analytics include:

🗸 It is completely FREE
How many marketing tools out there are free? No gimics, no ‘free trial’, but completely free. There aren’t many, and of the ones that do exist not many are as valuable to your business as this one. 

🗸 Learn and analyze all your different site traffic sources
How many different social platforms do you use? Has your business recently been featured by a publication? What organic keywords are sending visitors to your website? Google Analytics can give you insights to all of this and more. If most of your social media traffic is coming from one specific source you need to do one of two things – invest more time in the platform that is outperforming the rest, or change up the type of content you are posting on the platforms that aren’t performing as well. 

🗸 Identify which pages your users visit the most
Pretend that each page of your website is a character, Google Analytics will help you analyze which characters are most famous and help you to learn which pages and links are your key players. 

🗸 Visitor segmentation
How many NEW visitors has your site seen, and most importantly how many visitors have returned to your website. A returning visitor shows a higher level of engagement, but a new visitor helps you to recognize which of your marketing efforts are your key players in conjunction with your traffic sources. 

🗸 Ability to fine tune your website based on tangible data
The biggest takeaway from everything that we’ve reviewed so far in this article is that this tool gives you a ton of data to learn from. Once you’ve learned the strengths and weaknesses of your website – you then must be willing to fine tune the areas that need improvement and use your strong elements more throughout your site. 


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